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The Amateur (Ham) Radio Technician license is your gateway to the worldwide fun and excitement of Amateur Radio

  • Earn your ham radio Technician class license
  • Pass your FCC amateur radio license exam in class
  • Multiple-choice exam, No Morse Code Required
  • Learn to operate on the ham bands, 10 meters and higher
  • Learn to use the many VHF/UHF FM repeaters in Colorado


Sat   June 1    1-3 pm In-Person Kickoff Session

Wed June 5    7-8 pm Online – Review session via Zoom

Wed June 12  7-8 pm Online – Review session via Zoom

Sat   June 15  1–3:30 pm In-Person Review and Exam Session

Most of the course content will be delivered via the Ham Radio School online system, requiring about 15 hours of independent study by the student. The content is delivered in bite-sized video lessons, followed by online quizzes to check your knowledge. Our instructors will provide additional instruction and coaching during in-person and online sessions. The in-person sessions will be at Casa Del Rio Clubhouse in Buena Vista.

Register now

The fee for the class is $29.95.

(The FCC also charges a $35 license fee to issue your license, payable after you pass the exam.)

Advance registration is required, by May 24th, but sooner is better!

To register for the class or to get more information, contact:

Bob Witte KØNR bob@k0nr.com

For more information on amateur (ham) radio visit www.arrl.org